Thursday, 17 March 2011

Home... well nearly.

Last weekend we headed back to Adelaide for an unplanned break. Well, it was planned s'much as we had booked flights over with plans to sail BV back to Melbourne, but... well things have changed pretty dramatically in the last few weeks, as per Mike's previous post. We decided that rather than letting the flights go to waste we'd just pay for some flights home as well. So, we got 5 glorious, sunny, high-20C days in Adelaide to relax, do a few maintenance jobs, kitty-proof the boat, AND go sailing - twice!
Saturday 12/3 - we fitted my gorgeous new (Ikea, but don't tell anyone) full-ish size stainless steel sink!

Before (sorry for the crap photo):

During (Mikey doing the dirty work, Cait supervising/documenting):

And after (oooh, purdy!):

Plus (Ikea - sshhh...) accessories including dish drainer, chopping board and bucket...

Is it just me that finds galley appliances so damn exciting??

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