Friday, 4 March 2011

Change of plan - Again.

OK. We decided to go back to Adelaide for various reasons.

I quit my job. Caitlin tried to quit hers but they wouldn't let her - she's now going to be working in Adelaide for the same mob but in a different location. Now I have to find a new job in Adelaide but that's cool. Feels like time to move on anyway. The job was too easy and comfortable. Good friends at work will be missed though.

Finally got the rego papers for Bass Voyager, seems a bit more real now. Looking forward to living on board and being able to make improvements to her daily. Also looking forward to being home after almost three years and reconnecting with family. Still lots to organise and do here in Melbourne but less pressure now that we have made the choice to go home.

Looks like we will try to have the cat on board for a trial. Not sure how that will go but it feels right at this point. Sad about leaving the dogs but what can you do?


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