Thursday, 17 March 2011

Home... well nearly... II

So after all of the galley sink excitement (!) we decided we'd better go sailing on Sunday. The weather was warm (28C) but cloudy and gusting just over 20 knots.
We motored out of the marina without a hitch, and got the sails up - our first time sailing with just the two of us.
The swell was over 1.5m (photos dont do it justice) and we felt a few butterflies as BV bounced along under darkening skies...
Without having re-rigged the mainsail for reefing yet (noobs), we decided to head in before the winds freshened any further. We counter-balanced our slight "chickeny-ness" by performing a flawless entry into our berth with a strong tail-wind - such skill from Capitan Mikey :-)

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