Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sydney - Hawkesbury River

Today we left Sydney and pointed BV north again. It felt fantastic to get underway, but I surprised myself by getting a bit 'motional about leaving! Its not hard to see why it was hard to leave - we had a great few weeks in Sydney in an amazing central location (did Michael mention, for FREE?) explored the city, mingled with the arty student-types on Glebe Point Road, scoured second hand bookshops and wandered the fish markets, met some lovely people, and all round had a fabulous time. I think maybe after achieving the huge milestone of reaching Sydney and sailing under the bridge ... well it kinda feels like "Act 1" of our trip has come to a close. Which is pretty cool really, because that means Act 2 is about to start!

Today we had a fabulous sail into Broken Bay and we're now anchored on the north side of Dangar Island at the mouth of the Hawkesbury river. We had strong NW winds today and were sailing close hauled the whole way - I am still so impressed by how well BV sails to windward - just 30 degrees off the wind and we were scooting along at almost 6 knots. Not bad for a big steel yacht I reckon.

What a pretty area this is - so glad was never developed like Sydney Harbour just to its south. Huge parts of the bay are National Park, which we want to explore over the next week. The only complication of course is I have a work project to finish and money to earn, so I am fantasising about a secluded cove, somewhere down Cowan Creek in the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park WITH internet access (!) where I can put in my 8 hours each day while Michael catches fish and I'm serenaded by native songbirds. Hmm. I have high expectations of my Telstra wireless internet. We might end up back here near Brooklyn/Dangar Island.

We plan to stay in the area for the week, before aiming for our next stop at Lake Macquarie.

Approaching the Bridge at dawn this morning

Bye bye Sydney

Our anchorage at Dangar Island

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