Thursday, 19 July 2012

Cowan Creek - Brooklyn - Hawkesbury River

We spent three nights at a beautiful spot called Jerusalem Bay, down Cowan Creek in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. According to our guide book this area is "loved to death" during the summer, but in winter its fantastic - we've largely had the place to ourselves, except for some local fishos and a few bushwalkers. The weather has been gorgeous - perfect sunny winter days and cold, clear, calm nights.

It was the perfect place for me to work. Full internet access, mobile coverage... I feel incredibly spoiled - here are a few views from my office window.

 And here is my chief finance officer procuring dinner.
We're thinking of renaming Bass Voyager to The Office (just kidding)

7 on one mooring... Pretty sure this is illegal...

This week I also learned a new phrase - apparently we are now "digital nomads" - which wikipedia describes as "individuals that leverage digital technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner."

Yesterday we moved to the moorings just off the little community of Brooklyn at the mouth of the Hawkesbury so I could catch the train into Sydney today for a meeting. Brooklyn has a definite alternative arty vibe. Nice.

We've decided to stay around the area for a little longer as I have another trip to Sydney next Tuesday, there is heaps to explore, and plus there is a chance we will be able to catch up with our friends on Wind Warrior and Bravado which would be fantastic.

Bye for now!


  1. Hello Bass Voyager from the SY Banyandah

    Hmmm, from grey nomads to "digital nomads" How the world has changed. RU continuing north up the coast? Drop us an email when you get near the Clarence. We live on the Richmond River, but the bar can be difficult.
    Jack and Jude
    Dream ~ Explore ~ Discover

    1. Hi Jack and Jude! haha - yes, things sure have changed dramatically in the last few years. Its amazing the flexibility we have to combine work and travel with just a laptop and an internet connection.
      We will definitely be calling in on our way North. Looking forward to meeting you!
      Best wishes, Michael and Caitlin