Thursday, 12 January 2012

Departing Port Fairy

Just a quick note to let you know that we are planning to leave Port Fairy tomorrow morning as planned (unless the weather changes dramatically!) The trip is 140 nautical miles to destination Grassy on King Island's East coast, so we hope to arrive late on Saturday. In the meantime, here are some final photos from our lovely stay at Port Fairy.
Speak to you from Tasmania!

The other day there was an inter-faith Blessing of the Fleet right near where we are docked. Neither of us usually go in for these sort of things, but given we're about to cross Bass Strait we figured it couldn't hurt to have some of the good vibes rub off on us! The sentiment of the service was really nice, prayers for the safety of seafarers and such things, and plus it was fun to see all the local boys jump in the river after the cross, in the Greek Orthodox tradition.

This is a replica of a Spanish Caravel called Notorious which was handmade from reclaimed timber as a labour of love over 10 years. I have no idea how it would sail! Oh well, the world needs eccentrics! I immediately thought of our friends Kerry and Claudia ( - and you think Astray looks like a pirate ship!!! Ha! ;o)


  1. Hi guys my name is Andy and i have just found your trip blog as a fellow adelaidian i would like to wish you smooth seas and fair winds for your trip ,i think its excellent what you guys are doing and i am most jealous! we have a 36ft timber& epoxy trimaran at the small boat club and lived aboard her for 2.5 years so i know how you are feeling at the moment i look forward to following your voyage and wish you the best of luck regards Andy

  2. Hi Andy. Thanks so much for your kind words! Wish we had met up while we were still on Adelaide. I had a look at your blog - wishing you all the luck in the world getting back out here. Id love to have the space and speed of a trimaran that big! Stay in touch!