Monday, 18 April 2011

A kitty went to sea-sea-sea ...

Yesterday Kitty went to sea for the first time, and BOY was she unhappy about it...

We motored out in perfect calm conditions, less than 1/2 metre swell and just a gentle breeze, with the intention of conducting sea trials of our newly installed autopilot.

Poor old Kitty. She lay flat on the cabin sole looking so folorn as the grumble of the engine and movement made her turn a distinct shade of green. Have you ever seen a green cat? not pretty. Im surprised that the seasickness hit her so quickly in such good conditions, but Im so proud that she actually went to her litter box to be sick. Poor little girl. :-(

Im quite worried about how our planned Easter trip will go. Im going to do a bit of research on motion sickness medication for cats (apparently there is such a thing) and I really hope she gets her sea-paws quickly.

PS apart from Kitty's unhappy adventure the sea trial was successful and the autopilot keeps headings well under motor. A bit more fine tuning needed before trialing it under sail, but its promising.

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