Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I mentioned in an earlier post that we have dolphins in our back yard - now we have proof!

We were sitting below deck working on installing our new fridge when I heard a noise that I assumed was just someone on a nearby boat pouring a bucket of water over board. When it continued intermittently for a few minutes we went up to check it out and sure enough, there was a pod of at least 5 or 6 dolphins swimming around and under the floating pontoons. They hung around for at least 15 minutes before disappearing with nary a flick of their tails!

It reminds me of a cute tale I just read (Seraffyn’s Oriental Adventure) about a husband and wife sailing team making an offshore passage near Borneo when in the middle of the night they heard the faint whisper of waves breaking. Baffled, as there were no reefs on the charts for miles around, they listened with increasing dread as the sound grew clearer and closer. All of a sudden they were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins, filling the horizon, jumping and splashing as they headed east... pesky little blighters!

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