Saturday, 29 June 2013

North Keppel Island - Island Head Creek - The Percys

After leaving North Keppel Island we made our way slowly to an anchorage called Freshwater Bay, part of the Army's training grounds which stretch around to Shoalwater Bay. While it's a convenient place to stop for the night you are not allowed to make landfall. There was some confusing activity involving three vehicles on the beach in the dark.

The next mooring we made for Island Head Creek and one of the most comfortable and beautiful places we have been in Queensland so far. With lots of mountains and lush mangroves it really was a great wilderness. Again being part of the Army's training area you can't go on land but we spent five days enjoying the fishing and very comfortable water. The weather was perfect each day and the fishing wasn't too bad except that the mud crabs seem to be hiding somewhere?

Leaving Island Head Creek we made for Hexham Island for a short overnight stop. The next day we made for South Percy Island. A very beautiful island with a great beach and rock pools. Unfortunately the Anchorage was very prone to surge with the 5 - 6m tides we were experiencing at the time. Moving to North East Percy Island the next day didn't improve much.

Island Head Creek

Hexham Island

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