Tuesday, 14 May 2013

1 + 1 = 3

Finally, after more than 6 months in Hervey Bay, we're sailing again!!

And best of all, there's an extra person on board! After 12 years together, and after everyone had just about given up on us ever taking the plunge into parenthood, we're having a baby!!!

Yep. It's at the same time the most profund and yet utterly mundane thing. Like joining an exclusive club that almost everyone else in the world is already a member of. And so exciting!!

The plan, as much as we allow ourselves to make plans these days, is to spend the next few months sailing north from Fraser Island (where we are now) to Mackay, island and reef hopping and exploring parts of the coast we've never been.

We'll then head back to Adelaide for 6 or 9 months to welcome baby among friends and family.

A few quick vitals...
Due date: 6 November 2013
NOT twins - phewf!
Sex: not telling!

We're going to be out of internet and phone range for the next week or so as we sail out to Lady Musgrave Island and some of the southern parts of the Great Barrier Reef, but will touch base with photos and a proper update when we get to Yeppoon. Until then, raise a glass to the newest Bass Voyager crew member (cos god knows its only sparkling water at this end!)

Sorry, no photos today. Please blame our internet access - or lack thereof.


  1. I am sitting here reading this and tears are running down my cheeks about your absolutely fabulous news! How exciting! We hope you sail down to show him/her off later on! Enjoy every minute! Love Beverley and John XXxx

    1. Thank you so much Beverly! We will definitely return to THI. xxxx