Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Coffs Harbour

We just completed a fantastic two day passage from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour and are now anchored just off the historic Coffs Jetty (check out the new "Where is Bass Voyager?" map on the right).

After the excitement of our arrival at Port Mac we left no "i" un-dotted in planning our departure. Tides were calculated and recalculated, weather forecasts deconstructed and reconstructed. Of course it was a complete anti-climax: not a ripple on the bar. How boring!

It was a "sitting-on-the-rail-dangling-your-feet-in-the-water" kind of passage: warm, sunny, good winds, calm seas - bliss!  We overnighted at Trial Bay near where we went diving last week, before setting out again at the crack of dawn as the sun rose over calm, misty seas. Today we sailed close-hauled up the coast past Nambucca Heads to Coffs, running a gauntlet of humpback whales along the way, including this little guy...


To top off the trip, Michael caught a large bonito as we approached Coffs Harbour - Kitty was most impressed!

There is some strong northerly weather coming through the next few days so we will chill out here and look for an opportunity to head to Yamba and the Clarence River. Bye for now!

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