Sunday, 24 June 2012


We're in Sydney! On our honeymoon road-trip back in 2002 it took us 7 days to drive from Adelaide to Sydney. This time it took us 7 months, albeit with a few stops and detours along the way...

From Greenwell Point we sailed to Wollongong and then on to Pt Hacking. After four gorgeous days in Gunnamatta Bay at Cronulla (God's country, apparently), today we had a fast sail in ideal conditions into Sydney Harbour. We ran the gauntlet of hundreds of racing yachts, ferries and powerboats, and sailed under the bridge which was incredibly exciting!

We are now anchored in Rozelle Bay, near the suburb of Glebe. We'll stop here for at least a week, perhaps more. The Sydney Fish Market is just a short tender-ride away - so yeah, there's plenty to disuade us from moving on! More soon.

Anchored at Rozelle Bay


  1. That photo looks familiar, great place lots to see, we are now in South Port at anchor in Bums Bay, will be here for a week or two, will catch up with my daughter who lives in Bribane, and a niece in Tweed Heads, a cousin on the Gold Coast.

    1. Its a great spot, isnt it? We cant wait to get up your way though! Glad to hear youre staying there a few weeks - gives us a chance to make up some ground on you guys! Have fun!