Friday, 18 May 2012

Wineglass Bay

I wrote this last night but the internet was flakey, so Im posting it now... 

Well, here we are at the end of our Tasmanian odyssey! We are currently anchored in the incredibly pretty Wineglass Bay, the boat is locked down, the weather is looking good (touch wood!) and tomorrow we will start our passage across Bass Strait to Eden. 320 nautical miles which should take us at least 3 days - more if the winds are light like they are predicting. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of the trip. Michael, ever cautious, is less so, but he's keen to get moving too. Kitty however has disowned us.

We've both been reflecting a lot on the last 6 months since we left Adelaide, and our time in Tassie. We've met some really great people that have so selflessly helped and advised us along the way. Its been a massive learning curve for us both. We're better sailors than we were (although that's not hard!), and certainly better at living aboard and taking each day and challenge as it comes. Ive taught myself how to make shortcrust pastry and perfected my bread baking skills. Michael continues to be the MacGyver of all things mechanical - I swear he could jury-rig just about anything out of a tube of sikaflex and a couple of stainless steel bolts. Neither of us wants to throw the other one overboard ... yet! ;o)

We have the sneaking suspicion that we have just experienced the best cruising Australia has to offer - Tassie is AMAZING - but we are very excited about the next stage of our adventure. Oh for warmer waters!!!! Seriously - bring it on. Kitty is a little fluffball and ugg boots on a boat is a baaaaad look!

Anyway, wish us luck, we'll check in once we're on the other side of the ditch!

Grainy camera-phone picture of our anchorage at Wineglass Bay

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