Tuesday, 17 April 2012

D'Entrecasteux Channel

D’Entrecasteaux Channel, in the lee of Bruny Island, is a sailor’s paradise. Since leaving Hobart we have had a fantastic time getting a taste of these beautiful, protected waters. People say that these are the best cruising waters in Australia - we now understand what all the fuss is about!

After spending Easter hiding out from a couple of strong cold fronts in Stringers Cove at Port Esperance, we ducked around to an anchorage near Rabbit Island and then explored the cute little town of Dover.

Next we sailed over to South Bruny Island and explored a couple of fabulous anchorages, the best one being on a small island in the South Bruny National Park called Partridge Island. Here we met Jim and John, two brothers from Hobart who have been cruising these waters for decades in their twin boats Sea Slug and Sea Lion. Their knowledge of the history of the place was immense, and they took us on a fantastic walk across the island to find the hidden ruins of a 1800’s homestead and orchard where we stocked up on local apples. The apple crumble was delicious - how's that for low food-miles?! Jim and John gave us so much great advice about the local anchorages and about our plans to head around to Port Davey. We had a great time chatting and drinking beer with them by the campfire on Saturday night, and they've offered us a mooring at their anchorage in Hobart on our way back!

Speaking of Port Davey, this will be our last post for a while. The weather is looking perfect over the next few days to scoot around the South coast to Bathurst where we will stay at least 2 weeks – it could be three or more if we have to wait for the weather to come back. There are no roads, no phones, no internet – true Tasmanian wilderness!

Bass Voyager is filled to the brim with food, water, fuel and lots of warm clothes! We are so excited about this next adventure – we’ll take lots of photos and update when we get back in a few weeks!

Seals - a familiar sight in The Channel

Spider crab - would have preferred a flathead...

Creepy. Kitty agreed.

Beautiful Partridge Island

Michael caught three fat Australian Salmon

Exploring the island with Jim and John

Apple orchard near ruins of the old homestead

Wall to pen in livestock

Humpy built by locals

John and Jim had so many great stories to share about the area

As you can see, Kitty is pretty happy with this Channel sailing business!


  1. Hi Caitlin, sounds like you are well prepared, wishing you a great time. We have caught up with your friends on Wind Warrior via face book.
    They said they woul be heading to Port Fairy on Wednesday, we are leaving that day for Apollo Bay.
    Great sailing Cheryl

    1. Thanks Cheryl - glad you have connected with Wind Warrior - Pat and Trish are great people!
      We'll be in touch when we get back!
      Stay safe and have a great trip!