Monday, 7 February 2011

Bags of fun

Donvale, Melbourne. 21C, fine.
A bit of progress...

M spoke to the original maker of our sadly-gaping boom/mainsail bag today. He was extremely helpful and, I think, a little surprised that his handiwork hasn't stood up to only a few years of use (stitching along the zipper has completely failed, all the way along). So he has offered to go down to the boat in the next few days to check it out and work out what needs to happen to fix it. We thought that maybe the design might be too tight for the size of the main sail - i.e. that not enough space had been left for the folded sail, hence stretching the zip and causing the failure. However, the manufacturer explained that the design needs to be snug to minimise movement and wear. Makes sense.
Im really impressed by the responsiveness of the maker. Its entirely possible that the sailbag will be sorted before we even arrive in Adelaide on Thursday night. This will not only save us (me!) half of Friday carting the sail bag around to get it fixed, but will save Opa the trouble of fixing it too.
Yay Alegayter!

PS ebaying is proving unbelievably successful! Tonight we dropped off our cream-coloured, convertible sofa bed to its proud new owners in Ringwood, Vic. I can only hope that all our ebay deliveries are within 10 minutes of home!!! M tells me that there are many watchers on our other ebay items... promising.

For now,

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